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2019 Men’s Lower Grade Championships

The Men’s Lower Grade Championships where held at Belmont on July 20/21. WCMDA fielded 4 teams. Our Division 2 team won the Gold medal. Well done to Brady Southerland(58.87), Killian Gibney(50.31), Brad Kidner(54.93), Mark Brazier(66.21), John Donnelly(65.08), and Andrew Bull (52.23).

Our Division 3 team won the silver medal. Well played Lachlan Hunter(51.16), Tony Story(54.02),Terry Van Eck(51.31), Ray Gittos(47.40), Luke Sach(41.23), Shannon Cooper(44.26), Nathan Robinson(44.32).

Our Division 1 and 4 teams finished 5th in their divisions.

Hayden Southerland hit a fine 153 peg (2nd highest of the Championships) and Lachie Hunter hit a 140 peg. Mark Brazier(66.21) and John Donnelly(65.08) had the 5th and 6th best averages of the Championships. Thanks to all who helped doing the book during the weekend.

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