2021 Trowbridge / Little Annual Challenge Shield 1st Leg

The first match of the annual Trowbridge / Little Challenge Shield between Fremantle Districts Darts Association and West Coast Mens Dart Association took place at the Olympic Kingsway Sports Club on the 12th June 2021. It was a competitive day of darts with lots of boards going down to the wire. WCMDA just won by 23 games overall, 214 – 191 so all to play for in the return leg on 10th July.

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2021 WCMDA Doubles

The 2021 WCMDA took place last night at The Olympic Kingsway Sports Club in Madeley. A total of 88 players participated across 4 grades.

The winners are as follows.

55 and above
S Catchpole/R Clinch def A Hutchinson/B Playle

48 – 54.99
S Bavington/B Robins def T Van Eck/B Everett

42 – 47.99
M Phillips/L Munro def P Upton/B O’Sullivan

41.99 and below
J Louden/Maui Tetana def J Garvey/J Spencer

Well played all.

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2021 Metros Championships

The 2021 Metros Championships were held at Belmont Recreational Sports Centre on 27th/28th March 2021. WCMDA fielded 5 teams, and picked up the Division 3 Winners medal winning 12 matches. Well done to Brad Kidner (51.10) Lachlan Hunter (53.40) Steve Hunter (57.04) Cos D’Uva (56.92) Blake Southerland (51.40) Terry Van Eck (54.70).

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2020 WCMDA Winter Season Announcement

It has been unanimously decided during the WCMDA Committee meeting held on 3rd June 2020 that the 2020 WCMDA Winter season is officially cancelled. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions in place it was deemed to not be possible to play darts in pubs and clubs whilst adhering to these COVID restrictions. Hopefully the situation would improve in time for 2021. Thank you.

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Coronavirus Disruption to Season

To all WCMDA clubs & members

Following the decisions made by the State & Federal Governments along with the Health Departments, the current season will be suspended until such time it is safe to resume.

The decision to suspend the season was agreed by all club delegates and the committee at last nights delegates meeting due to venues not being open and clubs not having enough players for teams. At this stage we have suspended the season until Friday 1st May 2020 with the hope of resuming on Thursday 7th May 2020. The committee along with club delegates will be meeting again on Wednesday 15th April 2020 to discuss where things are with this situation. Fixtures will remain as they are for the time being however discussions on what the season may look like will happen over the coming weeks.

We hope everyone stays safe and well over the coming weeks and will update everyone after the next meeting.

Thank you.

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2019 WCMDA Finals Night

The WCMDA Winter 2019 Finals Night was played at our sponsor’s host venue The Olympic Kingsway Sports Club in Madeley on 12th September 2019. It was a great night with some excellent darts being thrown. The results were

Division 1 Quinn’s (2) 6 Def Kingsley Tavern Dart Club 3
Division 2 Greenwood Dart Club 6 Def West Perth Cardinals Dart Club 4
Division 3 Kingsley Tavern Dart Club 6 Def Nollamara RSL Dart Club 2
Division 4 Greenwood Dart Club 6 Def Currambine Dart Club 0
Division 5 West Perth Cardinals Dart Club 6 Def Kingsley Tavern Dart Club 2
Division 6 West Perth Cardinals Dart Club 6 Def Siciliani Dart Club 5

Congratulations to the winners, commiserations to the runners up. Honours table updated.

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2019 Darts WA 25s and Under State Championships

The 2019 Darts WA 25s and under State Championships were held on 24/25 August. WCMDA fielded 2 teams. Div 2 Team comprising of Blake Robins, Hayden Southerland, Lachlan Hunter, Jakim Dickson won the Gold medal and our Div 3 Team consisted of 3 WCMDA players Lachy Cunningham, Scott Tylee, Blake Southerland and 1 from other association Anthony Pearce, also won Gold. Well done all players it’s a fantastic achievement.

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2019 Men’s Lower Grade Championships

The Men’s Lower Grade Championships where held at Belmont on July 20/21. WCMDA fielded 4 teams. Our Division 2 team won the Gold medal. Well done to Brady Southerland(58.87), Killian Gibney(50.31), Brad Kidner(54.93), Mark Brazier(66.21), John Donnelly(65.08), and Andrew Bull (52.23).

Our Division 3 team won the silver medal. Well played Lachlan Hunter(51.16), Tony Story(54.02),Terry Van Eck(51.31), Ray Gittos(47.40), Luke Sach(41.23), Shannon Cooper(44.26), Nathan Robinson(44.32).

Our Division 1 and 4 teams finished 5th in their divisions.

Hayden Southerland hit a fine 153 peg (2nd highest of the Championships) and Lachie Hunter hit a 140 peg. Mark Brazier(66.21) and John Donnelly(65.08) had the 5th and 6th best averages of the Championships. Thanks to all who helped doing the book during the weekend.

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Lori Cooper

It is with deep regret to announce the passing of Lori Cooper recently. Lori Cooper was very well known to all within The WCMDA and has contributed greatly to our organisation over the years. On behalf of the WCMDA Committee and members, we wish to express our deepest sympathies to Shannon Cooper and his family during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with him and his family.

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