The Trowbridge / Little shield is an annual competition played between the Fremantle & Districts Darts Association (FDDA) and the West Coast Mens Darts Association (WCMDA). The shield is named after Ron Trowbridge, a Life Member of FDDA and  a great supporter and contributor to their association, and Sonia Little who was Secretary and Recorder for WCMDA for many years who did brilliant work for our association. 


The format is a 2 legged event. First leg is played at Fremantle and the second leg at Kingsway. There are 10 boards 4 players from each association play each other in singles best of 2 legs and doubles also best of 2 legs. Total 40 legs played 1 point per leg won. If a team gains 25 points a bonus 5 points is awarded. 1 board is for ladies, same format. The winner is the association who has the most points over the 2 legs.